The fundamental elements of Eveet elegance are quality, creativity and elegance. Wearing Eveet means keeping up with the times by showing off a distinctive elegance that will never make you go unnoticed.


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73019 Trepuzzi (LE)

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Eveet ®, the brand owned by "Calzaturificio Benegiamo", has gained international resonance over its 50 years of history and many of its models are shown in the windows of the most important cities in the world. The company, founded by Antonio Benegiamo back in 1962, is already in its third generation and boasts a young and dynamic management under the leadership of the CEO Fernando Benegiamo. The Design area, led by Designer Massimo Benegiamo, is the strength of the company: Antonio, Andrea and Marco form the young team of designers who are responsible for the creation, design, research of materials and development of prototypes from the idea up to to start production.

The company has always voluntarily carried out the entire production process within its neighboring Italian factories in Trepuzzi in the province of Lecce, guaranteeing a "Full Made in Italy" product and at the same time reducing CO2 emissions to zero which in this sector is typically due to the transport of the semi-finished or finished product between plants located in different countries. Over the half-century of tradition and know-how of "Made in Italy" footwear, the company has become the custodian over time, pursuing creativity, innovation and development as essential elements of the company philosophy in order to to train the new generations to a new Italian artisan mission.